Global Leadership Academy Application 2021

Global Leadership Academy Application 2021

The GLA is our highest level of EO Leadership training and it is exclusively for 28-32 member leaders only. We carefully select them from our ten EO regions to provide for diversity & globalisation.

Please note the GLA is “by invitation only” and a potentially successful applicant would be a member who:
- Is in good standing and compliant with all EO Global Bylaws
- Has previously served as a Chapter President or in an Area, Regional or Global leadership position
- Has demonstrated multiple years of progressively successful and responsible leadership in EO

Allow AT LEAST 30 minutes to complete this application.

DATES: November 10-14 2021

LOCATION: Washington, D.C., USA


Application deadline: 27 August 2021

Covid 19 and GLA:
If accepted into the 2021 GLA class, EO members will be individually responsible for satisfying all requirements for entry into the United States. Additionally, knowledge of and compliance with any requirements for negative Covid-19 tests for readmission to travelling EO member home-countries, whether required by airlines, border-control services, or otherwise, will be the individual responsibility of each individual EO member. EO will be unable to provide personal assistance with testing or related issues if a negative Covid-19 test is required by an airline for travel or for readmission into your home country. Accepted members will be individually and personally responsible for satisfying all travel related entry and exit requirements applicable to them. Accepted EO members will be individually responsible for arranging their own travel in a timely manner – including, but not limited to, making arrangements to satisfy all exit and entry requirements, any testing requirements, any immigration and/or visa requirements, and any and all related costs and paperwork. If accepted EO Members were denied entry into the United States for any reason after event registration purchase would remain subject to EO cancellation polices.